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SKATTERBRANE--Custom Handwound P.A.F. Guitar Pickups

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SKATTERBRANE Custom handwound vintage P.A.F. style Humbucker--The WIND:

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SKATTERBRANES are wound with the more labor intensive hand scatter-wound method to create the vintage tone so many of us seek. This decreases the capacitance between layers and raises the resonant peak giving a more clear and articulate tone that is also a bit louder than machine wound coils. Do not make the common mistake of using an Ohms reading to judge output of a pickup. The creation of a pickup is complex, and certainly winding technique plays a major part. Check out Earthbranes my number one seller.

SKATTERBRANE Custom handwound vintage P.A.F. style Humbucker--The MAGNETS:

Only high quality individually rough sand-cast magnets are used, rather than cheaper sintered and polished magnets. The differing inductance effect of rough sand-cast magnets come closer to replicating the sought after vintage P.A.F. tone. Ben-Wabranes , among others, feature hand selected magnets when the premium covers are selected.

SKATTERBRANE Custom handwound vintage P.A.F. style Humbucker--The WIRE:

The coil windings feature single layer plain enamel coated 42 awg wire, as close to the exact spec of vintage P.A.F pickups as can be bought today. The color can range from oxblood red, purple, maroon, to rusty wine. The thickness tolerance of the copper wire can vary slightly, which affects the final ohms reading of a coil. This is one reason I do not wind to the easily marketable D.C. Resistance (DCR) spec. Instead I wind to an specific output based on number of winds per coil and magnet type and strength. Just like the 50's P.A.F guitar pickups, there will be variances.

SKATTERBRANE Custom handwound vintage P.A.F. style Humbucker--The COVERS:

All SKATTERBANE covers (and backing plates) are German Silver. None of my P.A.F replica covers have tone killing copper or brass under plating. However, I do offer covers in both the Standard Series and the Premium P.A.F. Series-which features the 1958 sharp-edges. Both series are available in unplated, nickel plated or 24 karat gold plated. See my FAQ section for pictures and comparisions. Many guitarists believe the Premium P.A.F. covers are a worthy upgrade; they are lighter in weight, and fill the need for those of us who want their Les Paul guitars to look more historically accurate! When you order Premium P.A.F. replica covers on Jazzbranes T-Shawbranes or others, you also get hand selected magnets.

SKATTERBRANE Custom handwound vintage P.A.F. style Humbucker--The BOBBINS:

See my FAQ for information about my new butyrate bobbins featured on my Earth-Wood-Waterbranes, Burstbranes and BenWabranes.

SKATTERBRANE Custom handwound vintage P.A.F. style Humbucker--The TONE:

Let's face it, if the TONE is not there, all the marketing tricks and claims are meaningless. Really. Why bother changing pickups if not to improve or change the tone to your liking? Many tone clips are provided throughout the site, these are done by my gracious customers, and most are merely home recordings. I hope that with the wide variety of clips, guitars and amps one will notice a certain quality that is evident throughout. They are not meant to be empirical proof, or absolutely definitive, but rather to give you a taste of how the SKATTERBRANE tone shines through in real world settings. You really have to experience yourself what so many SKATTERBRANE customers have: "Finally, I found the tone I have been chasing."

SKATTERBRANE Custom handwound vintage style Pickups--The STATEMENT:

I try and emulate the tones of 50s Blues artists playing through low wattage tweed amps. I feel if I get this right, the tones of the 60s rock gods will naturally fall into place -and they do. I do not try to wind a pickup to (narrowly) replicate this artist, that album or the other recording or concert venue. I think by offering fine (and well designed) range of P.A.F style pickups, one can have a platform to recreate many of the tones of our guitar heroes. On the hotter fringe of P.A.F wind are my Metalbranes more for hard rock or classic rock tones.

SKATTERBRANE Custom handwound vintage P.A.F. style Humbuckers--The SOUL:

My wife asked why I only play male artists on the stereo when I wind. I told her that most of the great classic rock albums feature Les Paul guitars played by men, and I like to listen to great rock music played on Les Pauls when I build pickups, imagining that their tone and mojo are working through my fingers as I wind. (But I go back to listening to Regina Spektor, Bic Runga and Feist on my off time). My Yinbranes and my Yangbranes have been around since I first started. They are the original SKATTERBRANES.

SKATTERBRANE Custom handwound vintage style P90 and mini-humbucker P.A.F. Pickups:

The same ideals and ideas are also featured with my P90 pickups. I offer a Standard series and Vintage series of custom hand wound P90s And Mini-humbuckers as well.

Skatterbranes, handwound Custom P.A.F. pickups are being played all over the world:


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